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  1. Dennis Marquez

    I’m in need of a holster for my glock 21 gen 4 pistol with streamlight TLR2 HL weapon light. Do you American flag? Different patterns?

  2. johnnie chambers

    I currently own a holster I think that your company might have made for CTC and Springfield Armory for a promo that was being done a year ago. On the back side is a logo of 2 pistols facing slide to slide. This holster was made IWB for a XDS 3.3” pistol with the Crimson Trace Laser L 469. I have turned that holster around to wear it OWB for my XDS 3.3” with the laser and I also own a XDS 3.3” without a laser.
    What I am looking for is a Double Holster to where I can wear both the XDS one with laser, one without laser, SOB style OWB. They would be slide to slide facing, forming the logo of your company, a “T” shape. The wing attachments would be on the outside of the holster and attach to the belt.
    The current holster that I own is a 2 piece with rubber spacer and screws. My thoughts are that this would be a one piece on the back side and separate piece on the front side, attach to the back plate, one for a Crimson Trace Laser and the other without a laser.
    If this is feasible, what would be the cost of this holster and what would be the time frame for it. The non-laser XDS 3.3” would be left hand SOB/OWB and the laser XDS 3.3” would be right hand.


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